A Minor Feast, Spain

When traveling, it’s hard not to eat too much. For one thing, the portions are mostly out of your control. Then there is the menu of the day, which includes two courses for one price. Temptation takes over. However, a minor feast can be a good one, as I found in many parts of Spain. So long as you stay active, the pounds will stay off. For example, when in the handsome little town of Alarc√≥n, we stopped in for lunch to the local meson, seen below.

This place was the Asador/Marisqueria Don Julian. Knowing a decent local joint when I see one, I popped in to see what was to be had. (Not to mention that those rain clouds were on the way in, signaling that the outdoor tables would be of no use.) Vegetables being necessary for a well-balanced diet, I started with the mixed salad. In Spain, this is a grand affair that includes hard boiled eggs, asparagus, and tuna, although I asked them to without the tuna. Check out how Don Julian serves the ensalada mixta here:

This went down easy, but as you can see, is quite a lot of food. Still, I pressed on with the second course, a pork loin pounded flat and grilled. Hence:

The roasted peppers were a nice touch. Plenty of flavor to them. By the time the meal ended, the rain had passed and we were back on the streets in search of history, culture, and fun, all of which are easy to find in Spain. Plus, after a minor feast like this, you have to walk it off.

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