Curiosity Shop, Madrid

The Curiosity Shop fronts a pedestrian throughway only a few blocks south of the Plaza Mayor in Madrid, Spain. I was walking by here in search of postcards when I came upon it. The sign is an old-time painted one that is hard to miss:

And the door bears plenty of logos and stickers that also catch the eye:

There’s plenty to gaze upon right there. However, the items in the window and beyond are the real treat. You’ll find all manner of old toys and novelties on display. Peer through the glare on the window to see for yourself. When was the last time you saw things like that?

I imagine if you’re a toy collector or someone who appreciates such things, this place would be a must visit while in Madrid. Be sure to bring your Euros. Those old toys sell for tall prices. By the way, just a few doors down, you’ll find some nice postcards and ice-cold Coca-Cola, too.

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