Usual Fare, Usually Good

From the start of this post, let me ask for forgiveness from my Spanish speaking friends. I don’t remember the correct terminology for the food I enjoyed in Spain. Thus, I’ll use English words and let the pictures show the dishes.
In general, I found the usual fare to be usually good. That is to say regular meals, nothing fancy or expensive, were generally tasty and well presented. For example, at the Molino de Santillan, where we stayed for a night, we ordered supper from the menu of the day. For appetizers we started with a field green salad as seen in the next photo.

Note the vivid freshness of the contents above. The other appetizer is a pair of fried eggs with fried bread crumbs. This was unusual for me as I normally eat eggs for breakfast. The flavor couldn’t be beat because they used sausage or something mixed in with the breadcrumbs for extra flavor. Take a look.

Those grapes were a nice touch, too, adding a bit of sweetness to the plate. For the main course we both ordered the pork medallions with potatoes. As I said, a regular dish which is shown below.

Let me say that it was filling and fortifying, two things you need when your days are filled with activity. But it doesn’t end there. Molino de Santillan offered a breakfast spread that I found in most of the small hotels where I stayed. There’s meats and cheeses, coffee and juice, fruit and cereal. Take a look.

All in all, this is what you can expect when gallivanting about Spain, staying in small hotels, and eating accordingly. Don’t miss any meals!

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