Medieval Methods, Construction

This photo essay takes a look at some medieval construction methods that I noted in Spain. These methods are still used in various places, at least in terms of post and beam methodology. For example, take a look at the first photo here.

You see the timbers running horizontally and vertically, forming a framework which is then filled in with brick and/or plaster. I would guess that initially it was more like woven areas of lighter wood plastered inside and out. The brick is much heavier, although so long as it starts from the bottom up, can be as solid as anything else, as seen in the next photo of a building on the corner.

Actually, what remains of the building. In this part of town, people were busy restoring these buildings. I suspect some might not make it as they looked rather unsturdy. One fellow went the distance as you can see here.

Turned out a rather nice place to stay, didn’t he?
There’s more to sightseeing than museums and monuments. Things like those shown above are a sort of living history. The marks on those timbers were left by craftsmen hundreds of years ago. Best of all you can get up close to gain a better understanding of how things were and might be again. Furthermore, if you get there at the right time, you might be able to speak with people who still know how to do things that way. First hand knowledge is always the most reliable. Fascinating, too.

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