Chinchilla de Montearagón, Spain

On the way from Alaracón to Biar, Spain, I plotted to check out the castle at Chinchilla de Montearagón. It’s a big old pile of rocks atop a hill like many castles. Just the kind I like. I exited the highway, climbed a one-lane track with a number of switchbacks only to arrive at a chain link fence bearing a sign that the castle was closed for renovations. Well, I can’t complain. The thing was built in the 15th century and who knows what kind of maintenance was done since. Hence, I rolled into the town itself by going down the track then back up the other side. In order to enter the town, you need the key, and here it is:

Luckily for me, the town fathers already had the gate open as you can see here.

I parked before entering the town, walked through the passageway you see above, and popped out on the other side that looks like this.

Couple of cannons there add to the effect that you’re in an old place. The gents hanging out there will be happy to relate a few stories if you’re interested. I got to wandering around, a bad habit but one that leads me to interesting things. Consider these painted beams from the local church.

And another example:

About six hundred years old they are. In good condition, too. There are quite a few palacios worth a look as you wind through the streets of Chinchilla, such as this one:

Note the pitch of that street. You’ll need good shoes and plenty of energy to hike around the towns of Spain. It’s okay because you work up a good appetite and can eat as you please. Here’s another one of those palacios.

The lesson for this day was that even if your primary travel objective is out of reach, you can still find plenty to see and do. Don’t be dissuaded by a ‘closed’ sign or a temporary inconvenience. Take a look around, plot a new course, and get on with it. It’s the journey, not the destination.