Casa Rural Mas Fontanelles

Only a kilometer or two from the town of Biar, Spain, in the Alicante region, you’ll find Casa Rural Mas Fontanelles. Imagine a large farmhouse complex converted to a bed and breakfast type of lodging. You can even enjoy your own little casita such as the one shown below.

Let’s call this a small hotel because it has its own swimming pool and gardens, which is more than I would expect from a bed and breakfast. We stayed in an average room that was cozy as shown in the next photo.

We happened to be the only people staying there on a Monday night. In other words we had the place to ourselves. It’s a shame I didn’t have bigger plans; I could have invited another twenty people for a nice time. No matter, the bathroom was also well appointed, too. Check it out.

Perhaps the nicest feature of the room was the little private balcony. I couldn’t resist taking a long break out there.

There are cushions for those chairs; so don’t worry. There was a comfortable common room just outside our door, a place suitable for reading, relaxing with a drink, or a quiet chat with friends.

A similar room can be found on the ground level, complete with its own wood-fired stove for chilly evenings.

You can take your meals in the dining room. We opted for supper and breakfast, which was prepared by the owner himself, a fun experience I will post about separately. I almost forgot about the view, which from our room looked like this:

Timeless, isn’t it?┬áMas Fontanelles is a little bit of a work in progress. There are some finishing touches being added to the outdoor spaces. However, I wouldn’t let this bother you. If you’re looking for a place to stay that offers plenty of creature comforts and none of the in-town hassles, give Mas Fontanelles a try.