Bel Air in Aruba

The Chevrolet Bel Air is a classic among automobiles, a venerable name from a proud brand. While in Aruba, you’ll see some cars like this cruising around and I was pleased to come across this one.

That’s style, my friends. Check out all the chrome.

The fellow keeps the shiny parts gleaming and they look great in the strong Aruba sun.

It’s amazing how well this car has been preserved. It’s from 1957, that fifty-three years, half a century, and still rolling.

Those tail fins are almost as big as the rudder on the Cessna I fly. Awesome. That’s when cars had style, before everything became an aerodynamic misfit as opposed to a first class ride. Anyway, worth a look and no better setting than a fine Sunday afternoon in Aruba to check out the classics.

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