Shoarma Platter, Aruba, iPhone video

The Sultan is one of my favorite local joints in Aruba. Yes, I have lots of favorites on the island. This one stands out for being a bit exotic in terms of cuisine on the island. Here’s a video look at the chicken shoarma platter.

That’s a tasty platter and nutritious, too. The price can’t be beat either. Stop in here for all your Arab foods. They do a great job. Bon dia.

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:30 Chicken Shoarma Platter (Aruba)

I’ve posted about Sultan restaurant in Aruba several times before. This place has been very consistent over the years. Furthermore, in keeping with my shorter videos, I made this :30 one showing you my favorite dish, the chicken shoarma platter.

I’ve heard this place will be under new ownership soon, but with the same kitchen staff. If there are any major changes, I’ll update with another video, hopefully with an interview to gain some insight. Bon dia.

The Sultan, directions and food

Regular readers of The Bent Page have seen posts about The Sutlan, a middle-eastern restaurant located in Aruba. Well, here’s another post about this place, including a video with driving directions and a look at the food. You’ll also see the menu. Take the opportunity to use the “pause button” to check out what’s on offer and the prices. Those numbers are in florins, divide by 1.75 to get dollars. Here’s the video:

The footage was taken on a Sunday when a local bed and breakfast operator hosts his guests at the large table. What a spread The Sultan puts on for them! A sampler of most all the dishes that people can feast upon as they desire. This is a great way to try the many flavors without ordering an entire plate for yourself. One of the things I like most about the restaurant is the consistency, always hot and tasty. La Sultana is the nice young lady who provides table service. She’s from Colombia, hence the moniker, “La Sultana.”

Bon dia from Aruba.

The Sultan in Aruba

My friend Bob introduced me to this local gem of a restaurant on the island of Aruba. The place is called the Sultan and they serve Arab specialties, like shoarma sandwiches and platters. My favorite is the chicken shoarma platter which comes like this:

The platter also comes with Arab bread that is not shown in the photo. All the key ingredients for an excellent meal are on the platter: juicy, flavorful chicken, fluffy rice, taboule, and hummus. You can make a wrap with the Arab bread or just pick away with your fork. There’s enough garlic to last at least two days.

The mixed shoarma platter expands the meat and salad selection. Here’s a photo to peruse.

Above you’ll see the beef, chicken and lamb that comes with this choice. I almost forget to mention the key sauce you see on the right side. This stuff is knock-out good. I go through two of those cruets per platter. It adds more garlic, more goodness to the experience.

Finally, here’s a photo of the outside.

One of things I like about Aruba is the various cultures that can be found on the island. You have a place like the Sultan, as well as French, German, and Italian Restaurants, all operated by natives of those countries. What a pleasure to have the convenience of authentic cuisine on a Caribbean Isle!

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