Morning Walk, Aruba

Many people enjoy a morning walk on the beach when visiting Aruba. This time of the year, there’s plenty of room for everyone, as you can see in this photo of Eagle Beach.

Eagle Beach, Aruba, November 2013.

Eagle Beach, Aruba, November 2013.

I took that picture with a cell phone. Turned out fairly well. The morning light makes things sparkle. Planning on making a TV commercial not far from this spot.

Tranquilo in Aruba

Regular visitors and first-timers alike may find parts of Aruba to be more like Miami than a Caribbean island. And yet, there are still many quiet places to be enjoyed. A suggestion: go for a sail aboard Tranquilo and you’ll find yourself in a scene like this.

Tranquilo stops at Mangel Alto.

There are fringe reefs with little huts built along Aruba’s coast. These are only accessible via boat. There are also numerous places on shore where you can sit, relax, enjoy the view, and decompress. I’ll be making a video of several soon, so stay tuned here at The Bent Page. Bon dia.

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Savaneta Beach, Aruba

The little beach in Savaneta, Aruba, may be tiny compared to Palm and Eagle Beaches, but you can have it mostly to yourself. During the week, especially from about 9 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon, you won’t find but a few people here. At least I never do. Once in a while you’ll see a guy bait fishing with a hand net or a diver going in from shore. Otherwise, it’s you and the breeze. So here’s a video:

Imagine yourself there. Bring a cooler, some sunscreen, and kick back for the real desert island experience. Bon dia from the island.

A Fine Snack

If I parachuted into Siberia, I’m sure I could find a pastry shop. In Spain, it is much easier as there are many fine bakers of sugary delights. In Trujillo, there was one on my route and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the goods. A couple of cookies and pastries were wrapped up and I was on my way. Of course, I supplemented this with an ice-cold Coca-Cola back in my room at Posada Dos Orillas.

That’s a beautiful sight! The netbook was open to show that I was working a bit during this voyage of discovery. However, I never passed up the chance to sample the local flavor.