Basque Beach, Spain

In the Basque region of Spain, you’ll find a number of beaches, including this one:

DSC_2587.JPGThe water is a bit chilly compared to the Caribbean. Still, there are people who enjoy the sea, in particular surfing. At some of these beaches, capable life guards keep an eye on things:

DSC_2590.JPGOf course, there is great food just on the other side of the promenade. Enjoy the swim responsibly and carefully.

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Fabada Asturiana

When in Asturias, one must have a bowl of the delicious and filling Fabada Asturiana. Check out the photo below:


Checkout that blood sausage, bacon, beans, and more. All in one dish. When cooked properly, it’s a nearly all-day affair to steep all those elements into an excellent broth with the right flavor. I’ve had this many times in Spain. Always excellent.

Ábalos Sleeps

During this visit to Spain, I wasn’t able to do as much creative photography as I would have liked. With all the great people, food, wine, and sights to see, I was more distracted than usual. I still managed to capture a few images that were more artistic. Here’s one taken at night in the little town of Ábalos, La Rioja, where I’ve had the pleasure to stay on many evenings.


Was nearly a full moon that evening and this town had gone to sleep. Not even a stray cat in sight. More about Spain on the way.

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Tempranillo, Madrid

Another favorite stop for tapas on Calle Cava Baja (in Madrid) is Tempranillo. This place is more “old school” than “new school.” In other words if you order a glass of wine, they’ll bring you a small snack. They also have a menu full of delicious items. But first, let’s see all that wine on the wall:

Wall of wine at Tempranillo, Cava Baja, Madrid, Spain.

Wall of wine at Tempranillo, Cava Baja, Madrid, Spain.

You’re sure to find something you like there. They usually have several bottles of red and white open, selections that are tasty and easy. Here’s a look at the chipirones with artichokes:

Chipirones with artichokes at Tempranillo, Madrid, Spain.

Chipirones with artichokes at Tempranillo, Madrid, Spain.

I also enjoyed a salad of various items that was loaded with olive oil. The photo is not the best, but here it is:

Salad at Tempranillo, Madrid, Spain.

Salad at Tempranillo, Madrid, Spain.

Having been to Tempranillo many times, I’m amazed by the consistency. Always good, always interesting. The people watching here can be fantastic. So, go early, linger, and enjoy.