Things Get Fuzzy…

…when you’re in Aruba. You go for a walk on the beach. You have a few drinks. You catch some sun. The next thing you know, you’re relaxed, no worries, not a care in the world aside of where to have supper.

Anyway, this lady had the right idea. Reading a book, letting the world go by, and enjoying a Sunday morning in high Caribbean Style. If the photo above is a little fuzzy, you need a vacation. Right NOW!

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Moomba Beach Bar, Aruba

Moomba Beach Bar is located along Aruba’s famous Palm Beach. It’s on the northwest end, past the Holiday Inn.

It’s a giant, open-air palapa hut set on boards just above the sand. You have a great view out over the beach at the boats floating in the clear Caribbean sea. The drinks are cold, the staff friendly, and there are plenty of revelers to join in the fun. They got creative with one of their lights as you can see here:

That’s an interesting use of empty beer bottles. As far as I know, if you ring the bell, you bought a round for everyone at the bar, so be careful with that.

Either way, it’s a pleasant retreat from the sun and sand for a bit of refreshment and conversation. Better yet, you can walk to many of the hotels in just a few minutes. As always, enjoy your imbibing responsibly.

Bon dia.

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Druif Beach, Aruba

Druif Beach is a swath of sand located near the Tamarijn Resort in Aruba. It’s not the largest beach on the island, but it certainly is quite nice. Here’s a photo, looking north west.

beach_tamThere’s plenty of room there to stretch out and soak up the sun. This season there were few crowds here. It was slightly crowded a few Sunday afternoons, but nothing to complain about. Of course the adjacent Caribbean is balmy and inviting, one more reason Aruba is such a popular vacation destination.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Baby Beach Improvements

Aruba’s Baby Beach is a popular place for visitors and locals alike. The calm, sheltered water makes for easy swimming. The powder soft sand is comfortable, too. Lately, there have been a number of improvements to the area including a new wall separating the parking area from the beach, new palapa huts with permanent bases, and another snack shack. Here are some photos:

babimpr4Doesn’t that water look nice? Really, it is that blue.

babimpr2You can hang out in the shade when you’re not in the water. You and ten of your friends. Or go get a snack at the following place:

babimpr3And finally, here is a shot of the masonry wall just for eye candy.

babimpr1Enjoy your day at Baby Beach. Don’t forget the sunscreen, big hat, and plenty of water. On your way to your accommodations, why not stop by Charlie’s Bar for a beverage and plenty of fun? Sure, it’s the right thing to do.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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