Morning Walk, Aruba

Many people enjoy a morning walk on the beach when visiting Aruba. This time of the year, there’s plenty of room for everyone, as you can see in this photo of Eagle Beach.

Eagle Beach, Aruba, November 2013.

Eagle Beach, Aruba, November 2013.

I took that picture with a cell phone. Turned out fairly well. The morning light makes things sparkle. Planning on making a TV commercial not far from this spot.

Rodgers Beach, Aruba, video

Rodgers Beach is located at the southern end of Aruba, not far from its more famous cousin, Baby Beach. Although small, Rodgers Beach offers soft sand and warm water. Here’s video with all the details:

That’ll thaw your bones on a cold day in the northern latitudes. Imagine what it was like when Captain Rodgers himself arrived here, before the oil refinery, before anything but the cacti and iguanas. Incredible. Bon dia.

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Scott’s Brats, Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba, offers a long stretch of warm sand, blue water, and plenty of sunshine. Now, there’s Scott’s Brats, a snack stand serving up Wisconsin-style brats among other things. Here’s my interview with the owner and a look at the food:

Leslie and Scott are doing well at that great location near the Playa Linda. With breakfast and lunch right there on the beach, you hardly have to leave until the sun goes down. Enjoy your stay in Aruba and all it has to offer.

Palm Beach Panorama, Aruba

Aruba’s Palm Beach is a beautiful stretch of sand. That may be the understatement of the blog. Recently, a few storms passed north of the island. The beach suffered some erosion but now is looking good again. Here’s a panorama taken this morning. (Don’t forget to click on the photo to enlarge it in a separate window.)

The lady is having a nice stroll like many people do during the early morning hours. You can see that fine sand, warm water, and the welcoming palapas. Bring your favorite books, beverages, and friends. Here’s another look, this one angled south toward the Holiday Inn.

There’s a few empty chairs waiting for you. There’s also some wind surfing gear and a couple of boats if you’re looking for a more active endeavor. The hotels did a great job of cleaning up the beaches. These sweeps continue on a daily basis to ensure a comfortable visit.

Bon dia.

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