Baby Beach, Aruba, iPhone video

Continuing with the series of iPhone 6 videos, here’s a quick look at Baby Beach, located near the southern end of the island of Aruba.

This video was made on a quiet, weekday morning. As you can see, no one around. If you want to enjoy a nice swim in tranquil waters, head there early. Afterward, stop in to Charlie’s Bar for a cold drink or New Pueblito Paisa for a hearty lunch, both in San Nicolaas. I’ll post more about those places soon.

Warning Signs

The ocean can be a dangerous place. Rip currents, undertow, the works. When you see one of these signs, take heed.

Surely, you don’t want to end up tossed about like that figure. Even here in Aruba, where the water can be calm most of the year, you’ll find some tricky conditions. Keep your vacation safe by paying close attention to local information.

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Baby Beach Improvements

Aruba’s Baby Beach is a popular place for visitors and locals alike. The calm, sheltered water makes for easy swimming. The powder soft sand is comfortable, too. Lately, there have been a number of improvements to the area including a new wall separating the parking area from the beach, new palapa huts with permanent bases, and another snack shack. Here are some photos:

babimpr4Doesn’t that water look nice? Really, it is that blue.

babimpr2You can hang out in the shade when you’re not in the water. You and ten of your friends. Or go get a snack at the following place:

babimpr3And finally, here is a shot of the masonry wall just for eye candy.

babimpr1Enjoy your day at Baby Beach. Don’t forget the sunscreen, big hat, and plenty of water. On your way to your accommodations, why not stop by Charlie’s Bar for a beverage and plenty of fun? Sure, it’s the right thing to do.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Fiction Becomes Fact

As the newspaper below tells the story, fiction has become fact. Dechi Bislip, a local fisherman here in Aruba, was separated from his boat off the southeast corner of the island. Bislip comes from a family of strong swimmers and fisherman with roots in the town of Savaneta. Lucky for him. He swam and drifted along the coast of the island, eventually managing to save himself. In my novel, An Island Away, there is a scene where Captain Nathan Beck finds himself adrift at sea a bit farther away than Bislip. However, Beck’s course follows one very similar to Bislip’s. Beck ultimately comes ashore in Savaneta, not far from Bislip’s family homestead. Here is the cover of the Diario that related Bislip’s adventure.


It’s quite amazing when you think about how some people manage to survive. The warm Caribbean is pleasantly inviting, but it can turn on you. Be careful out there. Stay close to shore, beware of currents, and don’t over exert yourself. As Nathan Beck’s grandfather told him, “Always wear your life preserver.”