Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA, USA

What a great little joint for excellent BBQ! Hickory Kitchen is located in the center of Doylestown, PA, USA, a great little town with plenty to offer the visitor. Of course, you know I enjoy the food most of all, and BBQ is one of my favorite things. I stopped in here after catching a movie at the County Theater, just a few blocks away. Ordered up a brisket platter with cole slaw and baked beans. Darn good! (Sorry the photo is terrible!)

Brisket platter at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

Brisket platter at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

That brisket was very tender and smokey, absolutely delicious. I’ll definitely be back to try the chicken, pulled pork, and various other dishes. Here’s a look at part of the menu:

Menu at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

Menu at Hickory Kitchen, Doylestown, PA.

As mentioned above. I will definitely be back here to try a variety of other dishes. I’ll bring the Nikon and get some better photos as well. Enjoy every meal!

More thin crust please!

I posted here at The Bent Page several times with regard to Jules Thin Crust pizza of Doylestown, PA, USA. Well, here goes again. Stopped in there recently to find the quality as good as ever. Take a look at the long view of options.

Lots of options there. We whittled it down to four. Here they are.

Above on the left you have sausage, onions, and basil. On the right you see a tomato pie with extra garlic. Here are two more.

The left side has spinach and ricotta, the right is soybean and caramelized onions. All great choices on the thin crust that has more flavor than you would expect. Ingredients are organic; service is excellent.

Doylestown is a great place to visit for the shops, the colonial buildings, and to have a great slice of pizza. Enjoy it all.

Jules Thin Crust, Again!

A long time ago, I posted about Jules Thin Crust, a pizza joint in Doylestown, PA. This joint deserves another post because the pizza is that good, especially if you’re keeping your gluten and carb levels down.

Above you see the portabello mushroom with carmelized onions on the left and the four cheese special.

Just above you have sausage, onions, and peppers. Yeah, sometimes I eat my pizza with a fork and a knife. Keeps things tidy and shirt fronts unstained. Jules is easy to find, right on the main drag through Doylestown. I’ve consumed serious quantities of this pizza and have always enjoyed it.


I almost forgot about this post. Terrible omission on my part. Around the other corner from the bookstore in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA, on Oakland Street is a place called, “Let Them Eat Cupcakes.” This past Friday night was their opening. Now, let me say, I love chocolate cake and a cupcake is simply a portion of the whole. Plus, when you eat cupcakes you can sample a variety of flavors. Check out what was on offer:

There were all the usual flavors as well as Red Velvet, a buttermilk mix that is among my favorites. Not only that, check out the presentation: silver trays, handsome case, and as you can see below, a crystal chandelier overhead.

Here’s the menu board, as if I would pay any attention to that. I’m a more “give me one of each” type of guy.

The cupcakes were excellent and the people in the shop friendly enough to allow me to take all these photos. If you’re in the area, check this place out. You won’t be disappointed until you try to fasten your belt the next morning.

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