Saint Peter’s, Rome, Italy

Saint Peter’s Basilica features a limitless number of opportunities to take great photos. Of the many I took, this is my favorite so I put it here first in the post:

DSC_3328The light was perfect and the light is what matters most in any photograph. Going back to the beginning, here’s a view from outside:

DSC_3344People line up to enter the basilica. We were lucky to avoid that line by entering via another tour. Going back inside, don’t miss the statue of Saint Peter, worn by millions of people touching his foot:

DSC_3305The interior of this massive structure will impress and amaze:

DSC_3292No doubt about it:

DSC_3297It was pleasant inside as nearly all visitors show great respect for the site:

DSC_3326Linger as long as you can. There’s plenty to see.

Cathedral of Toledo, Spain (2017) exterior

It had been 13 years since my last visit to Toledo, Spain. Far too long. Of course, I had to see the Cathedral, which has had some sprucing up since my last visit. It’s hard to capture this structure’s exterior in a single photo. Here is one attempt:

DSC_2923And that’s really only a small part. There’s a massive tower:

DSC_2944But as you can see, the closeness of the other buildings makes it a challenge to get a fair perspective.

DSC_2924In my next post, I’ll show some of the interior, which is equally impressive and ornate. Check back soon!

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St. Francis Church, Aruba

There are many beautiful churches in Aruba. I made this video of St. Francis Catholic Church in Oranjestad. With the church, I included shots of the nearby Catholic Cemetery. There are many fine statues there and a small chapel, too. It’s worth a quick look around. Here is the video:

The music is “Santa Maria” by Los NiƱos de Sara. As you can see, there are several fine stained glass windows in the church and a few notable shrines. I’ve seen the faithful come here on various occasions. The level of their devotion is impressive.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I enjoy visiting sites such as this, particularly when they are in use. Whether it be Spain or Aruba or elsewhere, it is an authentic experience to see the people of a particular place living their culture. Furthermore, when experienced “live” you get a better sense of the actual rhythm of daily life as opposed to what you might hear from a guide or read in a book.

Bon dia from Aruba.