Scott’s Brats, Aruba, iPhone video

We’re making a quick visit to Scott’s Brats on Aruba’s Palm Beach. This joint will serve up some comfort food that will keep you going all day. Check out the iPhone vid:

Enjoy the bratwurst and the view, which is hard to beat in this part of the Caribbean. Prices are good, too. And if you like the Green Bay Packers, you’ll have lots to talk about. Bon dia.

Bavaria German Restaurant, Aruba (2014)

I usually stop in to Bavaria German Restaurant during each visit to Aruba. Bavaria serves up all your German food favorites with plenty of beer choices as well. Owner Peter and his team are happy to explain the different beers, so don’t be afraid to ask. I tried a couple, including this one:

Schneider doppelbock at Bavaria German Restaurant, Aruba.

Schneider Weisse at Bavaria German Restaurant, Aruba.

Of course I wanted to have a typical German meal and went with the bratwurst, mashed potatoes, and red cabbage that you see next:

Bratwurst platter at Bavaria German Restaurant, Aruba.

Bratwurst platter at Bavaria German Restaurant, Aruba.

The spicy mustard really makes the taste pop. Indulge liberally in that. The prices here are excellent, giving you good value for your money, within sight of the big hotels on Palm Beach. During the meal, I had a very interesting conversation, learning things about Germany and that part of Europe. Enjoy every meal!

Scott’s Brats, Aruba, redux

Sometimes you just want simple food. Stuff that makes you full, scratches and itch, brings back the old days and makes you happy to be with your friends today. Yeah, comfort food. That’s what Scott’s Brats is to me and that’s why I linger there like a stray cat that’s been fed on the back porch. So, let’s look at one of those brats with onions, eh?

Scott’s Brats, brat with onions.

Now here is a brat with just about everything.

Scott’s Brats, brat loaded to the gills.

Yeah, one of those two will fix you up where you’re broken down.┬áHere’s a look at the menu. Very affordable prices for Palm Beach, Aruba.

Scott’s Brats, Aruba, menu.

And finally, check out the view from Scott’s looking to the palapa huts, Palm Beach, and the Caribbean beyond. Yeah, there are worse places to chow down. Bon dia and enjoy your meals!

Scott’s Brats, Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba, offers a long stretch of warm sand, blue water, and plenty of sunshine. Now, there’s Scott’s Brats, a snack stand serving up Wisconsin-style brats among other things. Here’s my interview with the owner and a look at the food:

Leslie and Scott are doing well at that great location near the Playa Linda. With breakfast and lunch right there on the beach, you hardly have to leave until the sun goes down. Enjoy your stay in Aruba and all it has to offer.