Cigar Emporium, Aruba

The Cigar Emporium is located in the Renaissance Mall in the heart of Oranjestaad, Aruba. Stopping in here for cigars, accessories, or even a cappuccino can be a enjoyable time. I was there recently and made this little video to show you the place.

As that video shows, a wide selection of cigars can be purchased from the humidor where they’re kept in top condition. On Friday’s they have a great happy hour. Various rums can be tasted while you enjoy that cigar and conversation with friends and new acquaintances. Bon dia.

Boardwalk, Oranjestaad Harbor

Boardwalk is the name of a very nice motor yacht that pulled into Oranjestaad Harbor here in Aruba the other day. She sports her own helicopter, which would come in mighty handy now and then. Take a look.

High style, no? You bet. Caused traffic jams on the road through town as everyone gawked. Wouldn’t mind a ride aboard her so long as I don’t have to pay the fuel.

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The World, (ResidenSea Vessel), Aruba

The World is a unique way to own a vacation home. Imagine a cruise ship where you own your suite. They have studio apartments as well as one and two bedroom units that you can purchase. The best part about this concept is that the ship moves from port to port, traversing the world to a new destination on a regular basis. Here is a short video of The World as spotted in Oranjestad, Aruba.

Readers of this blog know that I love to travel and owning my own apartment on a ship sounds like a great idea. Don’t have the money just yet and I prefer to stay put for a little longer than a few days. Still, the concept is very appealing. And if I hit the lottery, I might just grab one of these places for the fun of it.

Here is the website for the ship. Maybe you already have the cash for a nice cabin.

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One Happy Port, Aruba

A few days ago, the cruise ship, Adventure of the Seas, called at Oranjestaad, Aruba. I took a few photos for the blog here, which may help answer some questions about cruise ship calls at the island. First, take a look at that magnificent ship which was just tied to the dock a few minutes before this pictures was taken.

Upon leaving the ship, you’ll pass through a reception building and then through a gate. Some tours may supply buses inside the port area; other tour leaders and sellers are waiting beyond the gate as you see here.

Veteran cruisers will know about booking your on-island excursions in advance. If not, however, there are people around who offer everything from a jeep safari, to kayaking, to a day at the beach. Here’s a look at a few of the colorful buses that will take you to your day of fun.

Not sure about this bus, but it has the right name.

And then there is this luxury coach operated by De Palm Tours. They transfer people from the terminal to their own island where all kinds of water activities are available.

Whatever your choice, you’re bound to have a great time here. It may be a visit to the ostrich farm, an island-wide tour, or a horseback trek. If shopping it what you enjoy, stay tuned. My next post will take a look at the shops available right in the downtown area, only a short walk from the ship.