View from Savaneta, Aruba (video)

When first-time visitors join me in Aruba, I like to take them on a drive to the top of the hill in Savaneta. There’s a water storage tank up there, delivering delicious (and precious) drinking water to the area below. You can also see most of the southern end of the island, including San Nicolaas, the oil refinery, the loading dock nearby, and all the neighborhoods up as far as Pos Chiquito and a little farther to the ships in the nearby anchorage. Here’s a video with driving directions on how to get there and a sweeping panorama of the view. If you have a fast internet connection, watch it in the highest resolution possible for maximum enjoyment.

That was worth the drive, wasn’t it? I like going up there every once in a while for sunset, too. On the right day, it’s spectacular. Bon dia.


Savaneta Water Tank

At the eastern edge of the area in Aruba known as Savaneta, there is a large water tank high up on the hill. When visitors ask me to give them a tour around the island, we drive up there for a beautiful panoramic view. Here’s a photo of the tank in the distance, as seen from a helicopter over the more populated area of the borough.

Just follow the winding road up to the silver tank in the middle of the frame. This location is a little tricky to find. In a couple of months I’ll be making one of those Aruba driving videos of mine that will show exactly how to get there. One note of caution: park with your car facing to the east, into the wind because when you open the door, the wind can catch it and kink the hinges. Hold tight to your hats as well.

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Oranjestad Marina Panorama

Oranjestad features a convenient marina located just across the street from a major hotel/casino complex.

You’ll find all kinds of boats, both large and small here. For those interested in fishing, you’ll find charter boats for hire. Then there are the yachts that I have posted before. In the distance, you’ll see the bow of a cruise ship along the main wharf. Finally, don’t be surprised if you seeĀ a tugboat or two loitering.

Bon dia.

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Palm Beach Rainbow, Aruba

With all the rain Aruba has received in the past several months, there have been plenty of rainbows. This one showed up off the coast of Palm Beach this morning. Take a look at the panorama by clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

Here’s another angle in regular format.

The hotels and government have been doing a good job of keeping the beach tidy as these waves of weather pass over the island. Plenty of people were out strolling, reading, or just relaxing. Hey, that’s what the beach is for.

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