Snacks at Nectar

Nectar (located in Berwyn, PA, USA) offers great food, atmosphere, and people watching. Thus, I like to stop in there at random times to spur the imagination and satisfy a culinary craving. The latest excursion was for drinks and snacks as you’ll see here, beginning with the dim sum sampler for two:

Dim Sum for Two at Nectar.

Amazing flavors there. Clockwise from upper left, you have the fried dumpling, spring roll,  pork pot sticker dumplings, edamame dumplings. The drink backing the platter was a berry martini (not consumed by me because you know I’m a strictly whiskey imbiber). Then we moved on to some lobster ravioli that you see next:

Lobster ravioli at Nectar.

Very, very good. It’s hard to have just one order of them. Then, just to pack things down, I went with the steamed pork rolls. This is a very creative dish. A slice of pork cooked exactly right with a sort of hoisin sauce, tucked inside a steamed roll. The roll has a consistency I’ve never had before: smooth inside with a firm outside but no “crust” like area. Take a look:

Steamed pork rolls at Nectar.

Wow. So there you have it. Another pleasant foray into food fun at Nectar. Well-made drinks here, too, and a staff that knows what they’re doing. This place gets it right every time.

Tortilla Española

Also known as the Spanish Tortilla, this dish is a favorite of mine, especially when enjoyed in Madrid. Since I happen to elsewhere at the moment, I decided to make myself this simple treat. All you need is olive oil, potatoes, onion, a couple eggs, and a hot stove. Dice up the potatoes and fry them with chopped onions (you can add bits of ham or other stuff to your taste) in the olive oil about 10 minutes. Drain off the oil. Whisk the eggs in a pot then dump in the potatoes and onions. Mix it all together gently then pour back into the frying pan on med-low heat. Keep the edges nice and neat with the spatula; you’re going for a pie-like look here. When the one side is cooked, carefully flip the cooking tortilla over onto a plate then slip it back into the pan to cook that other side. (This can be tricky.) When cooked firm all the way through, onto a plate it goes and you’re ready to eat. Here’s a photo of my tortilla with accessories for my Spanish snack last night.

That was a great little meal. As soon as I come up with a reliable source for jamón iberico, I’ll be loving life that much more. Naturally, the albariño wine kicks things up a notch. Even if you can’t get there, you can still enjoy the tastes of your favorite travel spots. Enjoy the journey wherever it takes you.

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A Fine Snack

If I parachuted into Siberia, I’m sure I could find a pastry shop. In Spain, it is much easier as there are many fine bakers of sugary delights. In Trujillo, there was one on my route and I didn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the goods. A couple of cookies and pastries were wrapped up and I was on my way. Of course, I supplemented this with an ice-cold Coca-Cola back in my room at Posada Dos Orillas.

That’s a beautiful sight! The netbook was open to show that I was working a bit during this voyage of discovery. However, I never passed up the chance to sample the local flavor.

Happy Spot, Aruba

The Happy Spot opened only a few months ago, in November 2009. In my rambling about the island, I rolled past it, doubled back, and stopped in for an ice-cream. Here’s a photo of the joint.

The Happy Spot is located on the road that leads off the highway from where the old Adventure Golf used to be. Just follow that inland and opposite the Cheng grocery, you’ll this little place on the other side of the road. (For some unkown reason, Aruba refuses to name many of its roads and streets, which makes giving directions difficult, but exploring can be fun. They also do not number buildings sequentially. Perhaps this is what prevents an enemy invasion?)

Nonetheless, much joy was had in the form of a chocolate ice-cream. If you don’t believe me, here’s a photo to prove it.

Notice the pen in pocket, always prepared to jot down some story material. I chatted with the owner for a few minutes. Nice guy. I hope he does well. He explained to me that they also make all sorts of smoothies here. That’s not my thing but by the number of people ordering them, I would say they must be good.

Bon dia.

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