Mangel Halto Improvements

In a previous post, I noted the fine snorkeling that can be done at Mangel Halto in Aruba. Lately there have been some improvements begun. There were only a few palapas there for shade. It seems there will be new ones installed, this time with concrete bases. They’ve also been building stone walls along the edge of the bluff. Here are a few photos.

The fist one looking south.

mangel2This one looking north by west at the new wall.

mangel3And finally…

mangel11The water is that blue, that clear. An acquaintance of mine, (Kent, master snorkeler, fisherman extraordinaire) checks the sea life here on a regular basis. He tells me there are plenty of creatures to view. I’ve seen the photos that prove it.

Enjoy the ocean responsibly and don’t forget your safety gear.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Mangel Alto Snorkeling, Aruba

The Mangel Alto area of Aruba offers some very good snorkeling. There are several points of entry. Two are shown on the video clip here. There is a third if you drive down toward the beach, past the Nam Yong restaurant, which is located on Spanish Lagoonweg. The underwater still shots that are incorporated into the video were provided my Kent Gerber. Take a look at the video.

When snorkeling here, keep a close eye on the sea conditions. You want to move out toward the reef, but as you do, you’ll find the ocean a bit choppy. It’s not all that difficult to swim in this, just remain mindful of where you are in relation to the shore. I’ve also found some “holes” in the sandy floor in the calm area sheltered by the cliff. Here you’ll find some zany fish and other creatures. However, out near the reef is where you’ll find the best viewing. Again, special thanks to Kent for providing the still shots. Judging by the photos I’ve seen of the fish he has caught, he’s lucky they don’t take their revenge on him when he’s snorkeling. And as always, please respect the marine environment.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Snorkel Cruise, Aruba

Snorkeling in Aruba can be fantastic. In earlier posts, I mentioned various places to go from shore. This post takes a look at a snorkel cruise. The boat pictured belongs to the Jolly Pirates. There are other operators on the island, including Red Sail Sports, Pelican Watersports, and small family businesses, too.

The nice thing about snorkeling from the boat is that you can go to places that may not be accessible from shore. They also serve drinks and maybe snacks. Music plays in the background as you swing off the yardarm. Lots of fun no matter what. Just don’t forget that sunscreen!

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Baby Beach, Aruba

Many people like to get away from the main hotel area of Aruba and come to the southern end of the island. There, they find Baby Beach, so named because the water is shallow, calm, and warm. Here’s a first glance.

I took this photo on a hazy Saturday morning at about 6:30 in the morning. Still, the water comes through as clear and blue as it really is. That ridge of coral is a decent snorkeling spot. The best time to come here is early in the morning on a weekday. Weekends usually crowd with more locals than tourists. Here’s another shot.

The one above really shows the wide expanse of sand, which goes on to the left quite a distance beyond where this frame ends. Can you imagine this place back in the 1940’s when Exxon owned the refinery on the island and just a few yards away they had a full-blown nightclub? It must have been fantastic. Well, it still is, just a little different.

There are several of these thatched huts that face the water. If you arrive early with your clan you can claim one. A snack stand, beach chair rental, and toilet facilities are also available. In that last photo, you can see a tanker bound for sea, which is a reminder that the refinery still works on this island.

Again, go early, enjoy the snorkeling and sunbathing. Then, stop at Hotel Astoria or Charlie’s Bar in San Nicolaas on the way back to your vacation rental. Nothing like an ICE-COLD Coca-Cola after some hours at the beach.

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