Restaurante El Bernadino, 2014

As long as we’re in Segovia, Spain, let’s stop for lunch at El Bernadino, another favorite of mine, where I have dined many times.

Restaurante El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

Restaurante El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

Here you’ll find all the traditional foods of Segovia and Spain in general. You can sit inside or out. I like to sit inside.

Interior of Restaurante El Bernadino, Segogia, Spain.

Interior of Restaurante El Bernadino, Segogia, Spain.

I started with the fabada Asturiana, a delicious bean soup that could have been the entire meal, as you see in the next photo:

Fabada Asturiana at El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

Fabada Asturiana at El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

Next I had the roast baby pig, which I did not take a photo of because I was enthusiastically enjoying the meal. Sorry about that. However, here’s a look at dessert:

Dessert at Restaurante El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

Dessert at Restaurante El Bernadino, Segovia, Spain.

While this restaurant does serve quite a few tourists, you will not the significant population of locals dining there, too. It’s a busy place, but there are three levels of seating so you’re sure to get a table quickly. Enjoy a bottle of wine from the extensive list. Worth every euro.



Antollos, Santiago de Compostela (June 2014)

For pinxtos, tapas, and vinos in Santiago de Compostela, Antollos is the place! This is a relatively small joint, usually jammed with locals and a few tourists on the road to Santiago or just food lovers like me. And here’s the reason why:

Tapas at Antollor, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Tapas at Antollor, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

On those two plates you have a variety that is both delicious and creative. There is the tortilla española on the left with a typical bocadillo, but also an empanada. On the right you have various fish concoctions as well as another tortilla. But there’s more such as this pair:

More tapas at Antollos, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

More tapas at Antollos, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

And there was even more, but I was too busy eating to take photos. The guys behind the counter will wander the floor, bringing out fresh, hot items for you to try with the ones you already selected. Of course, there’s plenty of wine to be had. Take your time, enjoy it all!

Country Quality, Spain

In the previous post, I discussed my stay at Hospedería Convento de la Parra. This post continues at the same location, taking a look at the fine supper served in the restaurant there. Entering from the lobby, you’ll first encounter the bar where you might want to have a cocktail or three.

Properly fortified, enter the dining room and take a seat.

Hopefully you brought a hearty appetite and sophisticated palette. The meal began with a cup of consommé, a nice touch that I had not experienced before in Spain.

I apologize for the poor photo quality of the one above and the next one. Bear with me, they get better. The next course consisted of a bowl of tomato soup topped with a slice of toast, which is seen in the lower portion of the next photo.

At the top of the photo you see the highly creative goat cheese salad that contains toasted apples and onions. The concoction is a myriad of funky tastes that simply makes you stop and wonder who thought it up. The Convento de la Parra may be out in the country, but this is big city style food. Our main courses were more typical. On one side of the table a filet.

On the other side, a plate of fried eggs with the blessed jamón ibérico.

It should be noted here that the town of La Parra is located in the heart of the region where those black footed pigs are raised. Thus, the ibérico shown above is locally originated. The flavor was all there. Sadly, after all this food, there was no room for dessert. Let me take a moment to mention the service. The two women serving the dining room did a wonderful job, putting up with my lousy Spanish and keeping up with the tables like the professionals they were. Most important (to me) was that as high class as the food was, the mood was friendly (almost but not quite casual). A great meal with friends is hard to beat.

Upscale Dining, Ronda

Regular Bent Page readers may have noticed I’ve had a number of posts about Ronda, Spain. Well, here’s another one, and it’s also about food, my second favorite subject. This time we’re leaving the regular chow behind for an upscale supper. Due to the volcano in Iceland many tourists were unable to make the journey to Spain. Thus, Ronda was quiet, especially the restaurants. In other words, reservations were not necessary. (Take note: always make reservations if you’re interested in a particular restaurant. A few minutes on the phone will prevent hours of disappointment.)

We chose Sol y Sombra for supper. Showers passed just before we set out for the place, creating a movie-like scene.

Inside, we were one of only four tables due to the aforementioned volcanic activity. Our waiter was a friendly chap, eager to chat because he wasn’t as busy as usual. We took his recommendation for a local wine that turned out to go well with our food. Let’s get to the plates, shall we? Appetizers: feast upon this creative take on salad greens, tomatoes, and dressing.

Or, if you like your starter a bit heavier why not try the asparagus with salmon and sauce like this:

Both of these were presented beautifully. Tasty, too, although the sauce on the asparagus was a touch heavy. Hence, more wine! Moving along to the main course. How about this duck concoction.

Yes, that’s a strip of duck breast wrapped around a fig, several of them in fact. Stunningly good. Then there was seared pork with an interesting salsa of peppers and chives.

Wow, reviewing these photos, I’m reminded of another reason why I found Ronda to be my favorite place visited during this trip. The people on the street, in the shops, and at my hotel were universally friendly and helpful. All of them were eager to chat, some of them as interested in the United States as I was in Spain. These exchanges added an educational element to the visit that I might have otherwise missed between sightseeing and fantastic meals like the one shown above.

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