Aruba BBQ, iPhone 6, video

I know today is Tuesday, but I needed some time to recover from the massive Sunday BBQ feast here in Aruba. It’s usually a take-out meal, but I like to enjoy it fresh from the grill.

That’s quite a plate of food. You get about 1/3 of a chicken, some ribs, fried rice, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. All for the one low price (at the time of this post) of 15 florins. Call it US$ 8.50 or so. What a deal! There are many places in Aruba that serve the Sunday BBQ feast, this one was at Great Rich Restaurant in Paradera, which is my favorite. Enjoy every meal. And eat slowly; it’s better for you.

Sunday BBQ, Aruba, (iPhone video)

Needing a good reason to test the video capabilities of my iPhone 4s, I ventured to my usual Sunday BBQ joint in Paradera, Aruba. The correct name for this joint is “Lady Face.” It is operated by a bunch of Chinese people who work hard nearly every day of the year. ¬†On Sundays, they fire up the charcoal grills and roast a bunch of chicken and ribs that are a staple for many families on the weekend. For the current price (December 2013) of 15 florins (about $8USD) you get 1/4 chicken, 1/4 rack of ribs, rice, cole slaw, and a chunk of corn on the cob. Not a bad price for all that food. So, here’s the video that shows you the whole process:

Wow, what a feed! Not for the timid stomachs out there, but very filling, which means nothing to eat until tomorrow. Bon dia!

Uncle Kenny’s BBQ, Aruba, video

After passing by Uncle Kenny’s BBQ for a couple of months, it was time to stop in and give it a try. This place is located near the Certified MegaMall on the access road that parallels the main highway between Oranjestaad and the hotel area in Aruba. There’s plenty of parking in front but only a couple of tables with shade. Plan for a take away experience. Here’s a video showing you a typical Aruban Sunday BBQ feast:

Man, that was a lot of food! Tasty, too. I expected it to be saltier but it wasn’t like some of the other joints that really load up the ribs before they hit the grill. This would be a good place to pop in after a day at the beach or for an inexpensive snack. Bon dia and don’t forget the cholesterol lowering medication of choice.