Aruba BBQ, iPhone 6, video

I know today is Tuesday, but I needed some time to recover from the massive Sunday BBQ feast here in Aruba. It’s usually a take-out meal, but I like to enjoy it fresh from the grill.

That’s quite a plate of food. You get about 1/3 of a chicken, some ribs, fried rice, cole slaw, and corn on the cob. All for the one low price (at the time of this post) of 15 florins. Call it US$ 8.50 or so. What a deal! There are many places in Aruba that serve the Sunday BBQ feast, this one was at Great Rich Restaurant in Paradera, which is my favorite. Enjoy every meal. And eat slowly; it’s better for you.

High Tech Lunch (Aruba)

Compared to the previous post, lunch today was decidedly downscale. Still, it was very good. Since I was alone, I like to catch up on my reading and video viewing (something I would never do in the company of others.) Hence, I tote the iPad along. Here’s a view of the BBQ lunch at Lady Face a Chinese bar/restaurant in Paradera, Aruba, DWI.

Chicken, ribs, rice, and iPad at lunch in Aruba.

Chicken, ribs, rice, and iPad at lunch in Aruba.

Took a seat at the bar and took my time eating all that food, which is a typical Sunday BBQ in Aruba. Here’s another angle of just the food:

Sunday BBQ platter from Lady Face Bar/Restaurant, Paradera, Aruba.

Sunday BBQ platter from Lady Face Bar/Restaurant, Paradera, Aruba.

Normally, people stop by and get this to go. I’d rather enjoy it fresh from the grill, which is why I stay at the bar. You get about 1/3 of a chicken, several ribs, fried rice, coleslaw, and a bit of corn on the cob all for the current price of 15 florins, about US$9. You have to pace yourself to eat that much, which is the reason for the iPad. Some leisurely reading will take you through the whole meal. Enjoy!

Smokey Joe’s, Aruba

Many people on the Aruba Message Boards talk about Smokey Joe’s, a restaurant along a promenade that faces the high-rise hotels. I had never been there, until the other night that is. I heard so much about the ribs that I had to go try them. First, here’s a look at the place.

My wife and I went early as I like to avoid crowds as much as possible. We were seated immediately and our waiter did a good job. We both ordered the “original” ribs with the regular sides. Here’s a look at the plate that came to our table.

Sorry about the lousy photo. I think the blue table affected the camera’s systems. Anway, those ribs were rather meaty. The original style is more smoke than barbecue. Flavor was fair on my scale of ribs. (Of course the all time best ribs I’ve ever had were at the Feed Store Barbecue near Dallas, Texas, USA. Nothing has ever come close but that’s a VERY high standard.) Back to Aruba and Smokey Joe’s.

Well, we mowed down these racks to great effect. I was tremendously full, almost so much that the obligatory post-dinner Coca-Cola was nearly canceled. NEVER! I just waited an extra hour before downing the beloved elixir. As for the ribs, like I said, they were fair, but nothing amazing, nothing to change the current ranking of artery-plugging rib joints on my tally.

The atmosphere here, as you can tell from the photos, is casual and comfortable. I like the roll of paper towels on the table to stay clean and the giant coffee can for bones is also quite handy. This place is not a must stop by any stretch but if you need to fill a hunger hole, it will do the job.

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