I’m Sleeping!

One thing that many people neglect while traveling is a fair amount of rest. Of course you’re excited to be on a journey, inspired by all the new things you see, and don’t want to miss anything. But if you’re run down, it won’t be long before your travel experience deteriorates. Make time in your schedule for the occasional nap or even half an hour with your feet up and a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola. While in Níjar, Spain, I spotted this cat, who had the right idea.

He found a place to tuck himself in and get some much-needed rest. That’s the idea. Afterward, I’m sure he was ready to prowl the rest of the day and night, doing those essential things that cats do.

Good rest can be hard to come by, especially in age of modern air travel. But don’t ruin a good trip by neglecting it. When you’re refreshed, you’ll enjoy yourself that much more.

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