Zeerovers from the Air

During my latest helicopter flight over Aruba, I managed to grab some still photos of some favorite locations. This one is of Zeerovers, the fisherman’s wharf in Savaneta.

Zeerovers is located to the left of the frame where you see the boats docked. This place is great for a cold drink, watching the fisherman land their catch, and the men with knives filet it with amazing skill. They’ll also fry up some of that fish for you, too. There’s an exciting scene in my next novel, Hacha’s Gold, here as well. Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be posting more of these photos from the air so stay tuned to The Bent Page.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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Helicopter Flying, Aruba

For several years, I’ve wanted to take the helicopter tour of Aruba. I know the island very well from ground level, and I’ve seen it when arriving and departing via commercial aircraft. However, it was time to see it from about 500 above ground level. In order to stay on budget, I combined a bit of sight-seeing with a real estate photo mission. Worked out perfectly. So, here’s a video showing takeoff from the Seaport Marina, flying north along the low- and high-rise hotel area to the Marriott Complex. Next, we turned inland toward Paradera then south to Spanish Lagoon and my neighborhood of Savaneta. From there it’s inland toward the windmills at Vader Piet, an important location in my next novel, Hacha’s Gold. Finally, a turn north and west, past the Palo Margo raceway and along the coast to the heliport. Check it out.

The pilot did an excellent job of orbiting around the sites I wanted to photograph. There is a fair amount of traffic in and out of the Queen Beatrix Airport, which is very close to where we were flying. He had to juggle the control tower’s orders while navigating to and from my requests. The flight wasn’t cheap, but it was worth every cent. If you’re in Aruba, don’t miss the chance to see the island from up there.

Bon dia from Aruba.

Quiet Streets in Spain

During my travels, I enjoy walking quiet streets, having a chat with the old folks lingering on porches or tossing a treat to the odd stray cat. While in Spain this was particularly interesting because of the contrast between the old buildings and the new. Some of them date to medieval times, some from a few years ago. The town of Jerte showed this juxtaposition very well as you’ll see in this next video. It’s not brilliant footage, just documentary images of what was and what is. Take a look.

There was that friendly elderly couple on the bench and a cat, too. These elements add great authenticity to any place, including a native perspective on visitors like myself who are just passing through. Enjoy the journey.

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14 Bis, Aruba Airport

14 Bis (don’t ask me how this name came to be) is a new restaurant located at the Queen Beatrix Airport in Aruba. As you can see from the sign below, they’re open all day, serving all three meals.

It is situated between the American departure hall and the arrivals hall. Therefore, if you wanted to check in for your flight and then have a snack, it’s on your way. Let’s take a look inside.

There’s plenty of seating, which will come in handy given the surge of people that arrive for each flight. Let’s take a look at the food.

You have a lineup of sandwiches and wraps. Take your pick. Then there’s panini and the like made to order, plus fresh fruit and baked goods, giving you the opportunity to refuel on something better than your average airport chow.

Looks like quality preparation and presentation here. Given that the food on airlines is quite skimpy these days, it’s a relief to have an alternative like this to enjoy prior to entering the sequestered area of the airport. You can finish your meal in comfortable surroundings and make better use of your time on the plane. Kick back, relax, and enjoy the flight.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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