Fusion, Aruba

No, they’re not making nuclear power in Aruba (yet). However, there is a new restaurant called Fusion. It’s located in the recently remodeled/expanded mall area along side the Alhambra Casino. It has a lounge-type feel, complete with piano player, mood lighting, and a sort of tapas menu. Here’s a look at the scene:

The bar at Fusion, Aruba.

Plenty of clever lighting there on the racks of top-shelf booze. Note the piano set into the bar. You can sit right there if you like. In the interest of good cheer, we began the evening with a glass of bubbly as you can see here.

A glass of bubbly at Fusion, Aruba.

That was a great way to kick things off. In the interest of snacking, we went with a cured meats plate backed by an assortment of cheese. Here are the orders side by side.

Cured meats and cheese plates at Fusion, Aruba.

Tasty and appropriate portions for two, perhaps three, because they are a bit heavy. Since this was strictly a snack mission, we didn’t enjoy any other plates, which is a good reason to return soon. Here’s a look at the menu board to see the many items on offer.

Fusion, Aruba, menu board.

Fusion is a great addition to the low-rise area of Aruba. People at Casa del Mar, Costa Linda, Bucuti, and Manchebo can simply stroll down for a bite, enjoy the music, and have a fine time. Bon dia.