Ritz-Carlton, Aruba (July progress report)

Progress continues on the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Aruba. It appears much of the building’s main structure is in place. Now they’re filling in the walls, building the portico, and probably working on the interior systems. Here’s a look from the south:

Ritz Carlton, Aruba. Looking from the south.

Here’s another photo looking straight at what I would expect is going to be the main entrance on the inland side.

Ritz Carlton, Aruba, main entrance under construction.

Here’s one more photo, this time looking at the corner least finished.

Ritz Carlton, Aruba, construction work underway.

Sorry, but I couldn’t get a photo from the beach side. They have the area blocked with temporary walls. This will probably be the most expensive hotel on the island. Not in my budget, but you may enjoy your stay here. Remember, don’t forget the sunscreen.

Impromptu Book Signing, Aruba

Rita and her husband have read all my books, including the latest, Dark Currents. Naturally, they’re big fans of Aruba, too, and happened to be on the island last week. Since they toted Dark Currents all the way from Connecticut, it was time for an impromptu book signing at Scott’s Brats, one of my favorite joints on Palm Beach.

People are always smiling when they’re in Aruba. The island has that effect on you. So does a good book! Enjoy the reading.