White Modern Cuisine, Aruba, menu

White Modern Cuisine (in my humble opinion) is about the best restaurant in Aruba right now. Urvin Croes, the chef, takes his food very seriously and you can watch him plating the meals for proof. Lately, people have been asking me what’s on the menu and the prices and so forth. Thus, here is the “new” menu as photographed last evening:

White Modern Cuisine, menu part 1.

Here’s the next leaf in the menu:

White Modern Cuisine, menu part 2.

And the final part as shown here:

White Modern Cuisine, menu part 3.

In the next post, I’ll show the wonton soup which is listed among the appetizers. I had this as a late-night snack and was very pleased. The food here is very upscale, meaning small portions, super high quality ingredients, and dramatic presentation. If you ask me, worth every single penny! Plans have been made for several visits this month, as the budget permits. Bon dia.