Wonton Soup, interpreted in Aruba

A couple of posts ago, I showed the menu for White Modern Cuisine, a restaurant here in Aruba that (in my humble opinion) is about the best on the island. There I was a couple of nights ago, having a few drinks and got a hankering for a snack, something that only happens 9.34 times out of ten. Gazing at the menu, I spotted the wonton soup, thinking… hmmmmmm. Well, it was worth the try and below you’ll see why. It comes in two parts. First:

Part 1 of White Modern Cuisine wonton soup.

Those wontons above are crispy and packed with flavor. The other ingredients are as fresh as you can get. Then there is Part 2, delivered by the waiter as you see here.

White Modern Cuisines, wonton soup, Part 2.

That’s right, he pours the broth over the top while you watch. Hot, fresh, tasty. The broth is subtle, adding the kind of reliable base that only makes the other individual components stand out more. And those tiny wontons released flavor with every chew. Of course, you can see the crispy carrot and chives which blended in perfectly. Yeah, I like this place. If all goes well, I’ll have a video soon. Bon dia. (And please, eat SLOWLY. Enjoy your food.)