Amuse Bistro, Aruba (video visit)

Doin’ Time With Dan visits Amuse Bistro (again). We enjoyed a great meal last night and had the good fortune to capture most of it on video. Take a look:

As you can see, Amuse gets it all right. Those wonderful dishes were served by a great staff of professionals who know their way around both the food and the wine. Don’t hesitate to ask them about a specific plate or what type of wine would go well with your order. Amuse Bistro is now one of my regular stops when I’m in Aruba.

Scott’s Brats, Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba, offers a long stretch of warm sand, blue water, and plenty of sunshine. Now, there’s Scott’s Brats, a snack stand serving up Wisconsin-style brats among other things. Here’s my interview with the owner and a look at the food:

Leslie and Scott are doing well at that great location near the Playa Linda. With breakfast and lunch right there on the beach, you hardly have to leave until the sun goes down. Enjoy your stay in Aruba and all it has to offer.