The Bandeja Paisa, Aruba (video 2014)

Well, it was time for another video on the Colombian platter known as the bandeja paisa. This is a plate with a piece of just about everything, served hot and fresh at my favorite Colombian join in Aruba, Casa Vieja. And here’s the video:

Any terms you don’t know are easily found on Google. Just remember, if you’re going to eat one of those platters, you might need a nap or to at least take it easy for while. That’s a lot of food. Enjoy every meal, especially in Aruba. Bon dia.

El Gaucho, Aruba (driving directions)

This video was made by special request for my friend, John, who enjoys El Gaucho’s steaks. The video begins on Aruba’s main highway, 1A, near the Talk of the Town traffic circle. From there, you’ll go directly to the restaurant.

There are other ways to get there, but I think this is easiest. Plus, you can see where to park as well as the location of Garufa, which is a great cigar bar across the street from El Gaucho. As always, please drive safely. Bon dia.

Big Beef (Del Frisco, Philadelphia)

Well, Happy New Year to all! Celebrated with some friends, having a nice meal at Del Frisco in Philadelphia. This is a place if you like your beef cooked perfectly and big portions. For example, my pal ordered the 24oz bone in New York Strip. See it here:

24oz. New York Strip at Del Frisco, Philadelphia.

24oz. New York Strip at Del Frisco, Philadelphia.

That’s a slab of beef that will keep you full for some time. Note the lobster mac and cheese on the side of the plate. Another great side dish for you to enjoy there. Service here sets the standard for others to aspire to. From the valet parking to the coat check to the wait staff, they’re all pros and handle the tables with ease. Whatever you do, go hungry.

Yemanja, Aruba

It had been about four years since my last visit to Yemanja’s wood-fired grill, which was far too long. So, I enjoyed an excellent supper there last night with friends. We were a table of four beginning with drinks at the bar then taking a seat. Our appetizers arrived in short order and ranged across the food spectrum. There was a scallop salad seen here:

It was bursting with color and flavor as was the prosciutto salad seen next.

To go with two salads there were also two soups, including this tomato one:

As well as the potato soup pictured below:

These were really a great start to the meal. Although different there was a consistent, high quality about every plate. The entrees were equally delicious, starting with a cheese wrapped grouper in the photo below:

That was a very exotic dish with an interesting consistency. Then came a rib eye you see here:

Two other diners enjoyed the filet which is pictured next.

The sauce in the upper portion of the photo was a combination of clarified butter and beef juices. Wow! That really took it to the next level. Of course, we had to have dessert after such a great meal. Hence, the brownie with ice-cream:

And finally a banana tarte which is here:

There you have it, another awesome meal in Aruba. It did cost a serious price, one that will have me eating beans and rice at home for a couple of weeks while the wallet gets a recharge, but it was worth every penny.