La Porta (restaurant, 2014)

La Porta is a new find for me, a little place in the Philadelphia suburbs that I wish I had stumbled into sooner. The restaurant has a Media, PA address, and is located on Route 352 on the way to Edgemont. Not hard to find and exploring is half the fun. So, let’s talk about the food. Well, started with a couple of appetizers, one being this portabello mushroom topped with a fried egg that was a creative and tasty treat. Take a look:

"Portafoglio"… a crispy portobello mushroom with fried egge, sharp provolone, and caper butter.

“Portafoglio”… a crispy portobello mushroom with fried egge, sharp provolone, and caper butter.

Also had a delicious and varied chop salad with all my favorite ingredients including golden raisins, almonds, and more! Here it is:

Chopped salad with all the good stuff at La Porta, Media, PA.

Chopped salad with all the good stuff at La Porta, Media, PA.

Greens are good for you. Eat them often! Next we enjoyed a couple of entrees, one being this salmon over various greens:

Salmon over arugula and radicchio at La Porta.

Salmon over arugula and radicchio at La Porta.

Yes, that salmon was cooked perfectly. Then there was a pizza, which had to be tried because this place is known for pizza. Take a look:

Pizza special at La Porta, Media, PA.

Pizza special at La Porta, Media, PA.

This pizza was a special. It included caramelized onions, some exotic cheeses, and a great sauce. AND, it was baked to absolute perfection with just a touch of char on the bottom. Really, some of the best pizza I’ve had in a decade. Here’s the menu for a look at the selections and prices:

Current menu (spring 2014) at La Porta, Media, PA.

Current menu (spring 2014) at La Porta, Media, PA.

La Porta is worth your visit. Service is good, wine selection plentiful, and the food terrific. If you’re in the area, give it a try, or make the journey. Enjoy every meal!

Gil’s Restaurant, Roxborough, PA

On Ridge Avenue in Roxborough, PA, you’ll find Gil’s Restaurant. I consider this place to be a neighborhood joint where you’ll find Italian favorites done right and served up by a friendly staff. So, let’s get right to the food. Started out with some appetizers including a beautiful shrimp cocktail and this version of a caprese salad:

Gil’s Pomodoro and Mozzarella.

Then there was an entree of sea bass with clams, which I thought was an exotic combination. Check it out:

Gil’s Sea Bass with Clams.

This was reported by my companions to be delicious. I enjoyed a simple chicken parm that was tasty. Of course, we had to have dessert. My usual is tiramisu, which came in a huge portion. Then there was this chocolate cake:

Gil’s Chocolate Cake

What a great feed! Gil’s is also a BYOB and we guzzled nearly three bottles before the night was over. The nice thing about at BYO joint is it saves you the liqour markup. Gil’s prices are very reasonable. The setting is like a big living room in your pal’s house. The service is friendly, cheerful, and willing. Stop in here and keep it on your list of regular places.

Local Red Sauce Joint, w/photos

Everyone has their local joint for various types of food. In the past several years (think difficult economy) some of my regular places closed. Thankfully, a new one opened, called Amici, that serves up some Italian standards that are quite tasty. Popped in there for the third time in three months and was well pleased. First off, you have to eat your greens. Take a look at this salad:

Amici salad.

Very fresh that salad was, with all the things I like under a tangy dressing. A great way to start the meal. Moved on to the old linguine with meat balls in an arrabiata sauce.

Amici linguine with meatballs in arrabiata sauce.

The sauce had some kick to it, much better than your standard marinara or other options. Plus, they don’t skimp on the meatballs. Plenty to eat here, but not excessive. As an alternative, there is also the eggplant which is served as an appetizer. However, as you can see in the next photo, is about big enough for an entree, especially if you started out with another appetizer.

Amici eggplant.

Service here is very good, including from the well-stocked bar. If you’re near the Morton Train Station in Morton, PA (Delaware County), you’ll enjoy a good meal at Amici, paying a price that is reasonable. Soon, I’ll be lingering at the bar for people watching and other forms of entertainment.

Fellini’s Cafe, Media, PA (USA)

Well, my regular Italian joint closed down a couple of years ago, and I’ve been looking for a regular spot with good food, reasonable prices, and decent atmosphere. There it was, right under my nose: Fellini’s Cafe in Media. The place is noisy and friendly, fairly priced and well-staffed. So let’s get the food. I like things simple, the old favorites. How about a caprese salad? Yeah, take a look:

Fellini’s caprese salad.

I like the little extras that came with that caprese salad, a little more flavor, a little more texture. This place is going all the way. Moving right along…

Fellini’s mixed salad.

Great dressing on those greens. Now for more of the usual done right  in a very, very big way, like spaghetti bolognese, enough for three people as the next photo shows:

Fellini’s spaghetti bolognese.

As long as we’re into pasta, let’s double down with the seafood linguine. Check it out.

Felllini’s seafood linguine.

Don’t even ask about dessert. No way was there room. Plus, there was plenty to take home for the next day. As mentioned above, service here is great and the prices are almost too cheap. It’s a good thing to have a place like this to drop in on a random day when you need a food fix. I look forward to becoming a regular.