Double Happy, Aruba, video

Aruba is known as “One Happy Island.” There’s also a number of other happily named places on the island, such as this small Chinese operated bar/restaurant/pool hall, known as the “Double Happy.” Here’s a short video:

Friends gather several nights a week to shoot pool, have some drinks, laugh, and enjoy the fun. This place is located at the south end of San Nicolaas. Bon dia.

Holiday Inn, Aruba, iPhone video

Might as well take a look at the Holiday Inn on Palm Beach, Aruba, DWI. The lobby was recently renovated as well as some other improvements. Here’s a quick video taken with my iPhone.

I’ll keep these quick vids coming. A few “local” things on the way. Stay tuned.

Playa Linda on Palm Beach, Aruba

The sun was going down and I wanted to test the iPhone 6 in that difficult video condition. Being on Palm Beach, Aruba, made it a great place. So here’s it is, showing the Playa Linda timeshare then over to the beach.

The performance on the iPhone 6 was fairly good. Sunset is a difficult challenge for video exposure, especially with limited controls. Either way, we got another look at this part of Aruba.

Marriott Hotel, Aruba, iPhone video

As long as we’re looking at hotels in Aruba, let’s check out the Marriott in another iPhone 6 video. I used the native iMovie app to edit this one. Not a major editing job, of course, but one that was quick and easy and allowed me to upload the video straight to my iCloud sharing site. So, here’s a peek at the Marriott on Palm Beach, Aruba, DWI.

My expectations for these videos are not very high. My goal is to just capture a glimpse of whatever the subject is, edit it to a coherent piece, and then share it here and on my Facebook page. However, the capabilities of the iPhone video should not be underestimated. Take your time, think of creative angle, use the light as much as you can, and you’ll be impressed with what you can do without lugging heavy gear around. Enjoy the journey.