Ellioti’s Restaurant, Aruba

Ellioti’s Restaurant is located near the Costa Linda timeshare in the low-rise area of the island of Aruba. You’ll find some very good food and service here.

eliotaWe arrived without reservations but with a hankering for some reliable Italian dishes. We were greeted by a friendly hostess who found us a nice table. There is a bar and seating outside, as well as a nice fellow playing the piano. I ordered a mixed salad, which arrived promptly and was well presented. Take a look:

eliotbThe greens, tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers were garden-fresh, crunchy, and delicious. I appreciate a good salad to start, especially in Aruba, where vegetables (for some reason) are too often an afterthought. My wife likes a Caprese salad and here’s a view:

eliotcAgain, a very pleasant presentation. Moving on to the entrees, my wife ordered grouper in puttanesca sauce. She thought it was great and here is what it looked like.

eliotdDon’t miss that little shaving of ginger on the bottom there. I went with the tried and true spaghetti bolognese and this meat sauce was a bit sweet but very good indeed. Here it is:

elioteTo think that this was the appetizer portion! I didn’t finish it until the second half was consumed for lunch the next day.

Service here was among the best I’ve had on the island. I tipped liberally with good reason. I only wish I had gone to this place before.

Bon dia.

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