Mercado San Miguel, Madrid

Mercado San Miguel is located off western end of Madrid’s Plaza Mayor in the old part of the city. The place has been remodeled and updated in the last couple of years. The people of Madrid and visitors alike pile in through these sleek glass doors for the best of every type of food on offer.

Let’s start with the basics. How about some fruits and vegetables like this:

Next would be fresh bread, no? How about like this?

Maybe you prefer fresh seafood such as this:

Has to be something there you like. By the way, don’t forget the cheese. Take your pick from this counter.

Olives and such are one of the basics of every Spanish meal, too. Which one is your favorite? They’re all here.

And while you’re at it, might as well get dessert.

What else? There’s wine, oysters on the half shell, and plenty of other things that simply won’t fit here in a standard post. If you’re ambling about Madrid, in the area of the Plaza Mayor, I would stop in here for a snack or everything you need for a great meal. By the way, there will be a post showing the tapas that can be had. Stay tuned.

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