Home Cooking, Spain

As long as we’re talking about Biar and mentioning Casa Rural Mas Fontanelles, let’s stay in this locale for the topic of home cooking. You see, we arrived at this place on a Monday, the normal day off for the staff. Similarly, we were the only ones staying at the Casa. Therefore, the owner made us supper in much the fashion he might have for his own family. Naturally, we started with a nice bottle of wine.

This particular wine was light and tasty. It went well with the entire meal. The appetizer consisted of asparagus and sun dried tomatoes sauteed in olive oil and garlic. Simple, delicious.

Those tomatoes really had tremendous flavor, not overly sweet either. The main course was roast chicken with (I think) a bit of sauté action at the end. Again, big flavor from what could have been a run of the mill entré.

Note the cherry tomatoes and artichokes on the side of the plate. Plenty of hearty vegetables for healthy eating. Dessert was simple, fresh fruit served as it comes from the source.

Note the level of wine in the bottle. That might have been the second one. Who can remember? No matter. I enjoyed this simple meal, especially the interaction with the owner as he shuttled back and forth from the nearby kitchen to our table. The only thing that could have made it better would have been his company at the table.

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