Alcazar de la Reina

Hotel Alcazar de la Reina is located in Carmona, Spain. This sprawling facility abounds in common areas which make it a strong candidate for wedding parties, reunions, or family outings. From the moment you enter the lobby you’ll notice the open spaces as you can see here.
The interior areas are separated from the exterior ones by columns and glass walls, which accentuates the largeness. There is a patio, seen here:
And a large swimming pool only a few steps away.
Both of these were transformed for weddings while we were there. Lots of work but also spectacular results. You’ll find the rooms comfortable with the usual fittings as you would expect in a place at this price point.
I appreciated the desk and fridge because I needed to do some work on the netbook and prefer my Coca-Cola ice-cold.
Another plus for Alcazar de la Reina is the underground parking garage. Be warned, only a smaller car will fit in the spaces, but that’s typically what you’ll be driving. There is also outdoor parking directly across the street from the main entrance. Service here is a bit formal from what I’m used to, but very consistent with this type of establishment. And let’s not forget the onsite restaurant and Irish pub. More on that in another post.

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