The View from Scott’s Brats, Aruba (2014)

Here’s a photo showing the view from Scott’s Brats over Palm Beach, Aruba.

View from Scott's Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba.

View from Scott’s Brats on Palm Beach, Aruba.

If you’re looking for a snack, Scott’s is a great place to stop in for bratwurst, Italian Sausage and many other favorites. Then, there’s the Bloody Mary bar where you can make your own exactly the way you like it. Plus, with a ¬†view like that, you’re sure to enjoy. Don’t miss any meals and don’t forget the sunscreen!

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Scott’s Brats, Aruba

Palm Beach, Aruba, offers a long stretch of warm sand, blue water, and plenty of sunshine. Now, there’s Scott’s Brats, a snack stand serving up Wisconsin-style brats among other things. Here’s my interview with the owner and a look at the food:

Leslie and Scott are doing well at that great location near the Playa Linda. With breakfast and lunch right there on the beach, you hardly have to leave until the sun goes down. Enjoy your stay in Aruba and all it has to offer.

Starbucks, Aruba, Palm Beach

Starbucks has several locations here in Aruba. Join me for a brief visit to the one along the boulevard at Palm Beach. Here’s the video:

I know that was a quick visit, but stay tuned for more and longer videos from Aruba and elsewhere. Don’t forget to “like” me on Facebook, too.

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Hyatt, Aruba, Aerial

People ask me about hotels in Aruba, where they are, what the complexes are like, and so forth. There’s nothing better than an aerial photo to put it all in perspective. Here’s a look at the Hyatt Hotel as seen from above:

You see how the hotel structure wraps around the pools, bars, and restaurants. In the lower left corner is a favorite bar of mine. I used to linger there for hours, writing and drinking. Just above that is the restaurant area where they serve a very good Sunday Brunch. The Japengo Restaurant is open in the evening, serving creative dishes for those with exotic tastes. Of course, the pools are lots of fun. Don’t miss the slide on the lower right side of the frame. Just off the bottom of the photo is the beach. Everything you need is right there.

Bon dia from Aruba.

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