Casa de Madrid

Casa de Madrid is a marvelous place to stay. It’s difficult to categorize because it is more residence than boutique hotel and yet has more high-end comforts than a bed and breakfast. In the first place, it is located two floors above the street and occupies the entire level. A visitor would not know where it is without good directions. There is a nondescript doorbell which you can see here:

Its very private location is one thing I like about this place. There is no through traffic the way there would be at a big hotel. Therefore, this is the right place if you prefer to be left alone or maybe host a special client on some serious business. For example, there is a main salon with couches and chairs where you could hold that soiree, preferably with a glass or two of wine:

The other side of the room offers more seating as seen here:

Let’s go in for a closer look at that little bar, just in case you’re curious.

Perhaps you enjoy reading, working on your laptop, or doing a bit of writing. Well, there’s another library-type of space as you can see here:

Some guests take their morning tea here, which is served in the following manner:

Quite cozy, isnt’ it? Upon coming through the door, you check in at this desk, which is staffed by a person capable of taking care of the small things you may require while visiting Madrid.

There are more small touches too, like the fruit plate brought to your room in the evening as seen in the next frame.

These small things make you feel at home, welcoming you into a place that may not be your own but frequently feels that way. Casa de Madrid may seem expensive until you consider the convenient location. It is only a few minutes walk to the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Plaza del Sol, and many other attractions in the old part of the Madrid. The Teatro Real is only steps away. I’ve stayed here on five separate trips and would recommend it to anyone looking for something special.

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