Museo Pan Gallégo, Madrid

Museo Pan Gallégo is located just a block and a half from the Plaza Mayor on the little Plaza de Herradores. This is a busy crossroads, with people coming up over the hill from the area of the Teatro Real. Here’s a look at the storefront:

I like small shops because they usually embody the character of their owners as opposed to the sterile environment of the big super centers. This place certainly fits the bill, starting with the sign out front.

There’s plenty of proclamations on the sign. Check it out carefully for a brief history of the shop. Inside you’ll find not only various types of fresh-baked bread, but plenty of Spanish treats from olives, to chorizo, to cured hams, and so on. Here’s a quick look at the interior:

When in Madrid, it’s hard to resist popping into one of the tapas joints for a quick snack. However, as mentioned in previous posts, why not pick up something at a little shop like this, heading to a park or your hotel room for a mini-fiesta of your own. You’ll get to interact with the people in the shop and be able to dine at your leisure afterward. This is a fun way to immerse yourself in another culture. Tasty, too!

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