Convento de la Parra, Spain

La Parra is a tiny town in western Spain. There I found the Hospedería Convento de La Parra to be a true gem of hospitality. This hotel was once a convent, built in the 17th Century. Many of the convent features remain, making a stay here a bit like going back in time. And yet there are plenty of modern features that keep you in the here and now. Entering from the street, you first come to the reception area where you’re met by a friendly and competent person.

The receptionist is pleased to take you on a tour of the facilities. You’ll need a guide the first time because the building is expansive and filled with both common and private areas. The central courtyard features tables under orange trees as seen in the next photo.

The photo above gives an idea of the scale of the building. It is larger than it appears from the street. Moving along, you’ll find a pleasant swimming pool tucked away in a semi-private area complete with lounge chairs to relax by the water.

Note the orange trees in that unique irrigation system. Along the terrace that spans the second level, you’ll find more individual places to relax.

If you enjoy reading, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better place than that. Taking a look at the rooms, ponder the next photo.

Here I was ensconced in one of the quietest rooms imaginable. The world might have come to an end but I wouldn’t have known it during that particular night. Service here is exceptional. Mention your desire to one of the staff and they’re on the way to make it happen. Convento de la Parra also has fine restaurant that I’ll be posting about next.

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