Aruba’s Pet Burial Ground

On the southeast tip of Aruba, there is a solemn place where pets are buried. I’ve updated the video to better quality. Here it is:

We all love our pets and this place gives them a peaceful final resting place.

Aruba’s Flying Fishbone

The Flying Fishbone is a venerable restaurant to be found in Saventa, Aruba, DWI. More than that, it offers a romantic setting with tables on the beach and even in the Caribbean sea if that is your choice. Here you can watch the sunset while enjoying a fine dining experience. Having been here several times, I can say it’s worth it. Hence, I made a video showing the restaurant as well as how to drive there from the main highway. It’s easy. Take a look:

Keep the Flying Fishbone in mind for a special evening out or a fantastic gathering with family and friends. Don’t forget to check when the sunsets and arrive about half an hour earlier. Bring the camera!

Bon dia.